Causes of breast cancer and how to prevent it


breast cancer causes and preventionUp till now doctors are not sure about how to prevent breast cancer but we know causes of breast cancer. Prevention and causes always have a relationship with each other so knowing about its causes helps us a lot to prevent from breast cancer.

We can take actions against some causes of breast cancer like we can change our diet plan or stop drinking alcohol but other causes like age factor; we can do nothing against them. Now look at some causes of breast cancer and prevention.

Causes of breast cancer and prevention

1. Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol a lot is a big factor that causes breast cancer so by limiting use of alcohol can prevent you from breast cancer.

2. Exercise

People  who do not exercise have more chances to face this disease. Doing exercise regularly can also help you to prevent from this disease.

3. Diet plan

breast cancer prevention

Having healthy diet like vegetables and fruits can lower down your risk of getting breast cancer. You should not only take this healthy food but also stop eating things having more fats like junk food.

4. Breast feeding

Women who did not feed their children have more chances of getting breast cancer. Breast feeding ratio in united states is very less than some south Asian and African countries and you will notice that breast cancer ratio is more in united states than these countries.

5. Not having children

Women who do not have children have more chances of getting breast cancer. Mostly women who do not  have children deliberately wants not to have children and take birth control pills. Now you have to decide to have a children or risk of breast cancer.

6. Age Factor

Age is also a factor in causes of breast cancer. More older you are more chances you have of getting breast cancer.

7. Family Factor

If someone in your close relatives such as mother or sister has this disease then you have more risk of getting breast cancer.

8. Body weight

Risk of breast cancer is more in people who have gained a lot of weight. So reducing your weight is helpful to prevent breast cancer.

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