How many Oceans are there in the World and what is their Geography


How many oceans are there in the world and what is their geography?

How many Oceans are there in the World and what is their GeographyApproximately 3/4 part of earth is covered with water and 90 – 95 percent of this part is consisted of oceans and remaining part is the rivers. This big ocean part is divided into five parts on the basis of geography, science and history. So there are 5 oceans in the world  1. Atlantic ocean, 2. Indian ocean, 3. Pacific ocean, 4. Arctic ocean, 5. Southern(Antarctic) ocean. Now we tell you about geography of these 5 oceans.

Geography of the 5 oceans of the world

Here is the detail of all oceans with their location, area covered and their depths.

  1. Pacific Ocean

    It is the largest among all oceans. It’s located in the west of United States of America and in east of Asia and Australia. Pacific ocean covers approximately 60 million square miles of area. Its average depth is around 4200 meters and the most deepest point is around 11000 meters.

  2. Atlantic Ocean

    Atlantic ocean is on second number in world’s largest ocean list. It is located in the east of America and in the west of Africa and Europe. Area covered by Atlantic ocean is approximately 29.6 million square miles. Average deepness of it is about 3900 meters and greatest deepness is around 8600 meters. 

  3. Indian Ocean

    Indian ocean is third largest ocean of the world. It is situated in the west of Australia and in the east of Africa. The area it covered is around 26.46 million square miles. On average it is 3890 meters deep and its most deep place is about 8047 meters.

  4. Southern(Antarctic) Ocean

    Southern ocean is fourth largest ocean. It creates a circle around Antarctica. It covers area of around 7.8 million square miles. Its average depth is between 4000 and 5000 meters and most deepest place is approximately 7200 meters.

  5.  Arctic Ocean

    Arctic ocean comes at the last place. It also creates a circle but around north pole of earth. Area covered by arctic ocean is 5.4 million square miles. Its average depth is recorded about 1200 meters and the greatest depth is recorded about 4600 meters.

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