How to end a relationship


end a relationshipIt’s really a bitter time of life when you think about ending a relationship because it is very difficult to separate from a person you are having a long term relationship and emotional attachment and it really hurts. But if you are facing a bad relationship and it is increasing your mental stress, destroying you peace of mind then it is better to end this kind of relationship.

How to end a relationship – step by step guide

STEP 1. Do you have any reason to end a relationship

There is always a reason behind such kind of actions, so you should be clear about why you want to end relationship because you have to give a reason to your partner about this harsh action. There are many reasons that let the people think about ending a relationship like disloyalty, different aims in life, different chemistry and even some people think about this when they have dispute on little matters like why you put your shoes here, why you come late at home and many other things like it.

STEP 2. Calm you down and think again

Before taking some action calm your head down and think about whether your reason is strong enough to end the relationship or you can still live with your partner despite of some deficiencies. You have to decide about which is important to you, your partner or your ego but some reasons like disloyalty or dishonesty are unbearable for everyone.

STEP 3. Choose suitable place and tell your partner

Don’t talk about this in public places or when your family and friends are around you. First choose a suitable place and time like when you both are alone in room and not indulge in work then calmly tell your partner that you want to end this relationship and give him the reason for this. You should be ready to face anger and aggressive actions in return.

STEP 4. Bear partner’s anger and discuss properly

You have to bear partner’s anger because every person react after this sudden shock. You have to calm her down and tell her in detail why you want to end this relationship and listen what’s your partner says in answer. Discuss your problems properly and then decide what you want to do.

STEP 5. Should meet partner after breakup?

Yes, you should have a meeting once a week until he/she become normal and accept that yours relationship is over. After that lessen your meetings and few months later stop meeting or calling.

This is stepwise guide which tell you how to end a relationship. I hope it helps.