How to get a girlfriend


get a girlfriendEvery young person have a wish to get a girlfriend. Every young man especially who reached at the age of 18 feels need of someone that he loves and get loved in return. He need a person to share his feelings and discuss his problems with. But some people find it harder to make a girlfriend and also lose their confidence by thinking that perhaps he is not capable enough for getting a girlfriend that is why he did not have any girlfriend. But actually this is not the case so here are some tips for men like you to get a girlfriend.

How to get a girlfriend

Step 1: Find a good girl

First question in everyone’s mind is where to find a girl. There are two methods by which you can find a girl friend.

Find a girl online

You can find a girl on social websites like facebook or other match making websites like plentyoffish which is very popular in finding a partner.

Find a girl around you

To find a girl around you, you have to go to parks, attend the parties and shows or other places where you think that you can interact more with girls like acting or fitness classes. Even some people don’t like to go to such places but you have to do it if you want a girlfriend. There is a quote that

To get something you have to lose something

Step 2: How you should look

Mostly girls like sweet and decent guys so it does not matter that you are beautiful or not but you should have decent personality that can be achieved by doing some work on it. So when you are looking to get a girlfriend you should be well dressed with brushed hairs and look neat so you can attract a girl.

Step 3: Learn to start conversation with a girl

To start conversation with a girl is most difficult part in getting a girlfriend.

If you like a girl online then it is easy to start conversation with her, what you have to do is just send a message to her and if she replies positively then your conversation starts. But if you like a girl around you then you will know how difficult it is to start talking to her. In this case you should not talk immediately after you found her because if you talk like this she definitely reject you. So first make eye contact with her and show your emotions with eyes then wait for her facial expressions(like smile, shyness or anger).If her response is smile or shyness then it’s the time to go near her and start conversation because in facial expressions like smile chances of rejection is less. But if her response is anger then it is better to find someone else because no man wants rejection. Most of the man don’t start conversation with girl due to fear of rejection so here we tell you how to reduce the chances of rejection and get a girlfriend.

Step 4: What should you talk about with a girl when you meet first time

When you meet a girl first time you should ask about her general information and also give complements about her personality. Some people stop talking and have nothing to say after some time, in that case start general discussion about things around you so you can keep going. At the end you ask her to meet again and get her phone number.

Step 5: Meet regularly and give gifts

When a girl agree to meet you, you should meet her regularly that shows her that you are really interested in her. Take her to dinner and give some gifts to her like flowers or other love related gifts which show your intentions to her.

Step 6: Tell her that you like her

After meeting for some time when you both get frank to each other then tell her that you like her and check her response. This response tell you that have you succeeded in getting a girlfriend or not.

These simple steps are the answer of your question of how to get a girlfriend.