How to quit smoking – best ways


Why you should stop or quit smoking now?Quit smoking for good health

Do you know every year about five million deaths are caused by smoking. Mostly lung cancer is also caused by smoking. Even if you think that reducing your per day cigarettes can save you from smoking side effects then it is not possible. The only way to save you from diseases caused by smoking is to stop smoking. To know more about smoking effects on health read questions related to health and smoking.

How to quit smoking – best ways.

Do you think that quit smoking is difficult for you, here are steps you should take which help you in this.

1. Strong Will

Without strong will of it is impossible to quit smoking. You have listened that “There is a will there is a way. Quitting it is difficult task but with a strong will you can accomplish that.”

2. Change routine of smoking

Mostly smokers need a cigarette after breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some need a cigarette after completing a work or task. Every smoker have his routine of smoking. So changing or breaking that routine is very helpful in quit smoking.

3. Replace smoking with other eatables or drinks

One can replace smoking with other eatables or drinks. You can choose replacement that better suits you to quit smoking. Most known replacements are herbal tea or chewing gums. You should take these replacements when you feel that you need a cigarette.

4. Think that your income increased

By stop smoking you can save around ten dollars daily so in that way your income increased. In a month you can save 300 dollars and can buy some stuff for you that will encourage you not to smoke.

5. Care of Health

Everyone cares about his health. No one wants that his health goes down or he is effected by a diseases like lung cancer. So stop smoking for the sake of your health.

6. Start Exercise.

Start jogging in the morning or n evening. Exercise not only increase your stamina but also reduce your will of smoking.

7. Stay away from things that remembers you smoking

Staying away from smoking related things can help you in quit smoking. Throw out things like cigarette lighters or ash trays from your home and also stay away from people who smoke.

Hope these simple steps are the answer of your question of how to quit smoking.