How to remove gel nail polish


remove gel nail polishMostly women uses gel nail polish due to its advantages like it lasts longer than the simple nail polish and let you to get rid of applying nail polish daily. It has other advantages like you can make any design you want and also it dries quickly. But the problem starts when it comes to removing it because when your nail grows after two or three weeks or if you want to change colour after few days you have to remove it. For this you have to go to saloon or just peeling it off damage your nails, both these conditions are annoying.So we tell you how to remove gel nail polish at home easily and save you from damaging your nails.

How to remove gel nail polish at home

Things you will need

  • Aluminium foil
  • Pure acetone
  • Cotton ball rounds
  • Nail files

Steps to remove gel nail polish

Step 1: Firstly cut aluminium foil into 2 by 4 or 2 by 5 inches strips.

cotton ball roundsStep 2: Now take cotton ball round and cut it into four equal pieces because this is perfect size for your nails.

Step 3: Take nail file and start buffing the nail with the grainy side of nail file to break the seal of gel nail polish.

cotton ball one forth pieceStep 4: Take the cotton round piece that you cut and dip it in acetone and then squeeze it. Now place the pointed end of cotton ball on the base of the nail and then wrap the remaining around the nail.

Step 5: Now take the aluminium foil strip and wrap it around the nail on which just you put cotton and then close the tip of aluminium foil.aluminium foil wrapped nail

Step 6: After 6 to 7 minutes put off the aluminium wrapper having cotton and then buff  your nail, if it seems that polish is removing then continue buffing and if not then don’t peel off the polish because that can damage your nails so in this case put that wrapper again on your nail and wait more 5 to 6 minutes and then buff again.