How to stop sweating


how to stop sweatingAre you tired of a lot of sweating? Don’t get worried about this because a lot of people in this world facing this problem. Excessive sweating can be due to some physical or mental pressure, hormonal changes, overweight or due to a medical condition such as hyperhidrosis.

If you are not facing a medical problem like hyperhidrosis then here are some ways for you to stop sweating a lot and not letting the sweat smell and wetness to bring your self confidence down.

Stop sweating ways for those who are not facing medical problems

1. Natural ways to stop sweating

There are many natural ways to tackle this problem. Here we mention some of them.

Drink excessive water
Drinking excessive water can lower down your body temperature and in return less sweating.
Low caffeine intake
Caffeine intake causes stress that causes body to sweat so take less caffeine to get rid of this problem.
Use of sage tea
It is believes that sage tea reduces sweat glands activities so taking sage tea can be a good way to stop sweating.
Lemon juice
Lemon juice is not a treatment for this problem but it kill the smell due to sweating. So apply lemon juice on the body areas that sweats.
Choosing clothes
Wear clothes made of cotton because they can absorb sweat. Wear clothes of dark colors because in white clothes sweat is visible.

2. Use deodorant with antiperspirant

A simple deodorant can reduce smell of sweat but cannot stop it but deodorant with antiperspirant not only reduce smell of sweat but also stop sweating because it affect your sweat glands.

You should use deodorant with antiperspirant at least two times a day to stop sweating and apply it only on dry skin. It can only be applied  underarms or may be between toes of feet if it did not cause irritation. You cannot apply it on whole body.

Guidance on how to Stop sweating for people facing medical problems

Medical problem like hyperhidrosis can be caused due to many diseases or medical situation like pregnancy, diabetes, thyroid problems, alcoholism, stroke or cancer. Some antibiotic or blood pressure medicines can also cause a lot of sweating.

Here are some treatments to stop sweating for people facing medical problem.

Botox injection
Botox injection is known to stop underarms sweating. Botox injection stop sweat glands to produce extra sweat.
Check out Iontophoresis
In iontophoresis electric waves are used that causes sweat glands to stop producing sweat.
By consulting your doctor you can also use some medicines to stop sweating.
Surgery is last option for you to stop sweating. You can remove sweat glands like underarm sweat glands by surgery. Other way is to cut the nerve that causes sweat glands to produce sweat.

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