How to zest a lemon


how to zest a lemonZesting a lemon is not as difficult as you think. You can zest a lemon yourself easily. It can be used as flavour in many dishes or decorating your drinks. It is also beneficial for your health as it is vitamin rich and reduces cholesterol level. Now here is how to zest a lemon.

Methods to zest a lemon

Here we tell you three ways to zest a lemon and you can use which you find easy.

Zest a lemon using knife

Zesting lemon this way gives you thick and wide layers of lemon peel and you can use these for styling dishes or drinks.

  1. Take the knife and peel off lemon layer from one end to other. To get good lemon layers only apply enough force that only take off outer layer of lemon and inner side remain safe.
  2. Now rotate the lemon and repeat the first step. And avoid peeling already used area.
  3. Keep on zesting lemon until whole peel is removed.

Zest a lemon using microplane

This is easier and quicker method for zesting. But you get thin layers of zest this way.

  1. Hold microplane in your left hand and lemon in right.
  2. Now rub lemon on microplane from top to bottom. And only apply enough pressure that only removes upper layer of lemon.
  3. Now rotate the lemon and repeat step 2.
  4. Keep on doing until zest is removed completely from lemon.

Zest a lemon using zester

Using a zester gives you thin and long strips of lemon zest. Here are steps for removing zest this way.

  1. Hold zester in right hand and lemon in the left.
  2. Now drag the zester sharp holes over the lemon from one end to other.
  3. Then rotate the lemon and repeat step 2.
  4. Repeat this process up till removal of zest.

Here we discuss some methods to zest a lemon. And you can use whichever you find easier or which kind of zest you needed. Hope it helps and you can find other useful tutorials on HowHut.