How to Make Zinger Burger like KFC at Home Recipe

make zinger burger like KFC at home

When it comes to eating fast food you first think about zinger burger. Zinger burger is the most popular fast food all over the world. People of every age love to eat it especially kids. Buying zinger burger from KFC is a bit expensive so we tell you about how to make zinger burger like KFC […]

How to zest a lemon

how to zest a lemon

Zesting a lemon is not as difficult as you think. You can zest a lemon yourself easily. It can be used as flavour in many dishes or decorating your drinks. It is also beneficial for your health as it is vitamin rich and reduces cholesterol level. Now here is how to zest a lemon. Methods […]

How to make chicken soup – simple recipe

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Chicken soup is just not only a tasty food but also good for health. It should be there in your dinner or meal dish in winter. Chicken soup prevents you from cold and flu because it helps to remove mucous that causes cold and flu. Chicken soup also soothes your throat and it is better […]

How to make fried chicken

How to make fried chicken

Fried chicken, a dish most of the people love to eat because of its taste and crispiness. It’s just not tasty but also its recipe is easy and takes very less time to cook. Fried chicken is better choice for take away meals because it remain tasty even it gets cool, so people working in […]

How to bake chicken

Baking means that heat did not transfer directly from liquid or flames to eatables but instead we use oven or coals to transfer heat to food. Now we tell you about how to bake chicken step by step. By using this guide you can bake full chicken or pieces of chicken like chicken breast or […]