How to Control Anger – Tips and Techniques

How to Control Anger

Anger is an emotional behaviour that is commonly found both in human beings and animals. Anger is caused in reaction of some events or feelings like when someone says harsh words to you or when you feel lonely or sad. There are many other reasons of it like depression, frustration, hunger, financial or family problems, […]

How to have a boy

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Its really a complicated discussion to have your child gender according to your wish. But despite of this we answer the question of people who always ask how to have a boy. Our answer to this question is based on medical research and practical experiences of people who succeeded in having a son. Some experts […]

How to end a relationship

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It’s really a bitter time of life when you think about ending a relationship because it is very difficult to separate from a person you are having a long term relationship and emotional attachment and it really hurts. But if you are facing a bad relationship and it is increasing your mental stress, destroying you peace […]

How to get a girlfriend

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Every young person have a wish to get a girlfriend. Every young man especially who reached at the age of 18 feels need of someone that he loves and get loved in return. He need a person to share his feelings and discuss his problems with. But some people find it harder to make a […]