How to make chicken soup – simple recipe


chicken soupChicken soup is just not only a tasty food but also good for health. It should be there in your dinner or meal dish in winter. Chicken soup prevents you from cold and flu because it helps to remove mucous that causes cold and flu. Chicken soup also soothes your throat and it is better remedy of cold than medicines. It is most effective in cold when its ingredients include vegetables. There is also other benefits of it like it helps you in losing weight, proteins in it make your muscles stronger and vegetables included in it make your eye sight better. After knowing its benefits you may also want to know how to make chicken soup. Here is a simple recipe of chicken soup.

How to make chicken soup

We are going to tell about chicken soup recipe in which we use baked chicken that makes its taste more delicious.

Ingredients needed to make chicken soup

  • Chicken – one and half kilogram (baked chicken in oven)
  • Carrot – one piece of medium size
  • Tomato – two pieces (mashed)
  • Salt – one tea spoon
  • Black pepper – as needed
  • Onion – one piece of medium size
  • Mustard seeds – six pieces
  • Chicken stock cubes – according to your desire

Procedure to make chicken soup

1. Separate giblets from baked chicken and put chicken in deep bowl and then put water in it

2. Then boil it on slow blaze and remove foam coming on water surface.

3. Now put vegetables, mustard seeds and salt in it and cover the bowl and then cook it on slow blaze for one hour until the chicken become soften.

4. Now take out chicken from it and filter the soup which is in the bowl. You may add more salt and black pepper in soup if you feel need of it.

5. Now put chicken stock cube in soup and move the spoon in it until it dissolve properly.

Here is your tasty chicken soup ready.

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