How to Make Zinger Burger like KFC at Home Recipe


make zinger burger like KFC at homeWhen it comes to eating fast food you first think about zinger burger. Zinger burger is the most popular fast food all over the world. People of every age love to eat it especially kids. Buying zinger burger from KFC is a bit expensive so we tell you about how to make zinger burger like KFC at home recipe with step by step instructions.

Don’t worry making KFC zinger burger is not as difficult as you think but its easier than the normal food you cook in your daily life routine.

How to make zinger burger like KFC at home recipe

Ingredients Required

  1. Half Kg chicken piece (Breast or Boneless)
  2. One tea spoon of Black pepper
  3. One tea spoon of Salt
  4. One tea spoon of Mustard powder
  5. One and half tea spoon of Chinese salt
  6. Two table spoons of Worcestershire sauce
  7. Bun as required
  8. Mayonnaise as required
  9. Cheese slice as requied
  10. Oil to fry zinger burger

For batter preparation you will need

  1. Two table spoons of Flour
  2. One piece Egg
  3. One fourth tea spoon of Baking Powder
  4. Two table spoons of Corn flour
  5. Two table spoons of Rice flour
  6. One and half tea spoon of Salt
  7. To prepare batter for zinger burger you have to add water in above mentioned 5 things as required.

For coating of zinger burger you will need

  1. One cup of Corn flakes
  2. One cup of Breadcrumbs
  3. One cup of Chips

Step by step instructions to prepare zinger burger like KFC

  1. Marinate chicken with all ingredients and leave it for 24 hours.
  2. Now to prepare batter mix all ingredients i mentioned above for batter preparation of zinger burger. And make a thick batter.
  3. Now mix all ingredients i mentioned for coating of zinger burger and crush it and remember don’t make powder of it.
  4. Dip marinated chicken in batter and then coat it with coating we prepare.
  5. Then fry it until it become golden brown
  6. Now cut bun into two slices and put mayonnaise on it.
  7. Now place slices of cheese on bun and you can also place lettuce leaves in it but i don’t like these so i never place them.
  8. And now your zinger burger like KFC is prepared and now ready to serve with ketchup.

You have now learned how to make zinger burger like KFC at home recipe. And for more tutorials and useful tips explore HowHut.

  • Ali

    yes its easy way to cook as written above….

  • Nawaz shareef urf ganja

    can i use burger buns which come in two pieces then what should i do in step 6 if my bun are already cut do i have to cut them more.

    • Anti

      Stupid pilon plok torma pitin

    • enie

      No u dont have to cut it just use it like that

  • Byn

    Thanx alot for the best ever tried kfc zinger chckn recipe, its a must try! Extreemly delicious, i just added crushed red chilles for extra hot flavor. Thanx alot

  • anusha

    In batter prep step one U said flour right. Which flour?? Rice flour or corn flour? But U already said them in next steps.

    • HowHut

      Its simple flour which we get from wheat…

  • bunn

    do we need 1/2 chicken for only one burger? or more…….

    • bunn

      sorry i mean one or many burgers

  • maria

    Very nice recipe, but can I know which chips have you mentioned in coating. Is it packet crisps?

    • Michael Bernhard

      Yes crisps. Outside UK crisps are chips

  • Karipap

    After frying the chicken breast, can I Keep it in the zipper bag and into the freezer to use it the next day

    • HowHut

      Its better to marinate it and then keep it in freezer. And fry it when needed for the better taste.

  • zoe

    can I leave it marinade for 48 hours?

  • Mus

    Thnksss!! Luvd the recipeee… My family kept praising how yum is was… Thnk uuu