Health Benefits and Treatments using Potatoes

Potato Health Benefits

Potato is a famous vegetable that is counted among the vegetables that grow inside the earth. Potato is eaten in every corner of the world and is cooked in different ways such as boiling, frying or curry; some also use it to making chips and kebab. Potato is rich in minerals, proteins, carbohydrates as well […]

How to Control or Deal with Anxiety

how to control or deal with anxiety

Everyone face anxiety often in their daily life in some form. It normally happens due to nervousness or when you are worried about something or have fear of some kind. Anxiety can affect your normal behaviour. Every person have their own physical symptoms during anxiety like heart rate increase, headache, tremor, sweating and many others […]

How to quit smoking – best ways

Why you should stop or quit smoking now? Do you know every year about five million deaths are caused by smoking. Mostly lung cancer is also caused by smoking. Even if you think that reducing your per day cigarettes can save you from smoking side effects then it is not possible. The only way to […]

Causes of breast cancer and how to prevent it

Up till now doctors are not sure about how to prevent breast cancer but we know causes of breast cancer. Prevention and causes always have a relationship with each other so knowing about its causes helps us a lot to prevent from breast cancer. We can take actions against some causes of breast cancer like […]