How to Control or Deal with Anxiety


how to control or deal with anxietyEveryone face anxiety often in their daily life in some form. It normally happens due to nervousness or when you are worried about something or have fear of some kind. Anxiety can affect your normal behaviour. Every person have their own physical symptoms during anxiety like heart rate increase, headache, tremor, sweating and many others like these. People often become anxious during exam or during a interview and its totally normal. But the problem starts when anxiety still remains after these events and this can affect you physically and can make you ill. So you are keen to know how to deal with anger. So here are some tips for you to control anxiety.

How to control or deal with anxiety

  1.  Start Thinking Positively

    The first and foremost thing you need to control anxiety is positive thinking. There are always two sides of a thought, one is positive and the other is negative. Negative thoughts make you depressed and positive thoughts feel you happy. So always think positive and hope for the best and it will surely help you in dealing with anxiety.

  2. Take a break

    Just take a break and stop thinking about the tense situation. Because in these kind of situations you are unable to take a right decision and controlling anxiety or stress. So just take a cup of coffee or take a bath for relaxation and calm you down. Then think about the situation and find a way to deal with it.

  3. Face the fear

    Trying to hide from situation or places that make you anxious is not the way to get rid from anxiety. Instead facing them remove your fear and make you brave. So when you came in front of these again, these things not make you anxious any more and you are now able to cope with them.

  4. Exercise regularly

    Mostly people who faces anxiety do not indulge in any kind of physical activities. Doing exercise regularly keep anxiety away from you. Because due to exercise some special hormones releases from the body which is very useful in taking stress and anxiety away from you. So do exercises like jogging, biking, yoga or any other in which you feel fun.

  5. Make a schedule for sleep and relaxation time

    Lack of sufficient sleep lessens your mind ability to cope with anxiety. Mostly experts recommend eight hours of sleep so you can deal efficiently with the daily life problems without becoming anxious. People who always remain busy in work and have no time for their self faces more stress and anxiety. So schedule some relaxation time in your daily routine. Do whatever you enjoy to do in this specific time like going outside, watching a movie, swimming or playing games. This will relax your mind and body and also helps you forget about any tension in your mind for some time. So relaxation and sleeping is a good way to control anxiety.

  6. Concentrate on your food

    Food or drinks which have have caffeine, alcohol or have high sugar causes more stress and anxiety. So try to keep yourself away from these kind of foods if you want to control anxiety. Take vegetables, fish, meat and milk regularly because they are very helpful in coping with anxiety. Also some mood enhancing food like strawberry and chocolate are very helpful in dealing with anxiety.

You may now have idea how to control or deal with anxiety. You can add some more tips in comments or share it with others if you find this helpful.