How to Control Anger – Tips and Techniques


How to Control AngerAnger is an emotional behaviour that is commonly found both in human beings and animals. Anger is caused in reaction of some events or feelings like when someone says harsh words to you or when you feel lonely or sad. There are many other reasons of it like depression, frustration, hunger, financial or family problems, disappointment, injustice, mental or physical illness etc. There is an endless list of things that can make people angry but our focus point is how to control anger. Because anger can cause many diseases like high blood pressure, headache, skin problems, stroke and as well as heart attack. So it is necessary to overcome anger to stay away from these dangerous diseases that it can cause.

How to control anger

Some people think that anger is uncontrollable but this is not the case. You can control or reduce its intensity. Here are some tips and techniques to control your anger.

  1. Drink water

    Whenever you are angry or your temper shoots just drink a glass of water. It helps you in calming down your nerves. It’s an effective and easy way to control anger and should be your first preference when you think about overcoming your temper.

  2. Take a break and relax

    Before reacting to a tough situation or becoming angry on a harsh person, give some time to yourself, take a deep breathe and then think about the situation or people that how to deal with them. If still you are not able to control your anger then you should move away from that person or situation.

  3. Think twice before reacting when you are angry

    In anger people often react aggressively and speak harshly. So in this situation you have to control yourself and have to speak carefully. Because anger eats up wisdom and you say such words to people on which you have to regret later on.

  4. Discussion with your loved one

    In an upsetting situation you can express your feeling to some person whom you trust and emotionally attached. Sharing your problem dissolve half of your tension and stress. And now you feel much comfortable and relaxed than before.

  5. Watch humour or go to some exciting place

    Immediately after getting angered you are not in mood to watch humour and also it will not reduce your anger. But after some hours you should try it because it diversify your thought and you forget about what happened. And this way it helps you to release your stress. By going to some exciting place where you feel relaxed or enjoy can also help you to control anger.

  6. Control your expectations

    People often expect much from others or from their future and when they don’t meet their expectations, they become hyper. So live in the real world and don’t embosom much expectations. This can help you to control anger which causes due to unfulfilment of expectations.

  7. Exercise or physical activities

    Exercise or physical activities are very effective to reduce stress or anxiety and this way have a positive impact on anger. In response of exercise brain produces a chemical named endorphins which help you to get rid of pain and also help you in reducing stress or anxiety. And this way exercise is really helpful in controlling anger. You can do any exercise like running, briskly walking, weight lifting or could take part in other physical activities like football or bicycling.

These are some useful tips on how to control anger. You can add some more in comments.