How to open a coconut


Have you bought a coconut and want to open it? No problem we will tell you how to open a coconut. Many people buy the full coconut to drink its fresh juice and also its fresh meat is very tasty. Here i tell you different ways with step by step instructions to open a coconut.

how to open a coconut


Draining coconut water before opening it

To get the yummy coconut juice you have to drain this before breaking the coconut. I always drain it before opening coconut because i love to drink it. Here are some methods to drain coconut water.

Using screw driver

  1. Take the coconut and place it on non slippery, hard surface.
  2. Now you see three eyes on coconut. One of them is softer than the other two, find it.
  3. Using a screw driver poke the softer eye. If you find difficult to open that eye just only with the help of screw driver you can use hammer along.
  4. After opening the eye drain the coconut water in a bowl or cup. And that’s a tasty and healthy drink.

Using driller

Just take the driller and drill eyes of the coconut. And then pour the coconut juice in a bowl.

Using cork screwer

Use cork screwer to puncture the eyes of the coconut and then drain juice in a bowl.

Breaking or opening coconut after draining its juice

Open coconut using hammer

  1. Take a plastic bag and put coconut in it.
  2. Now take the hammer and hit coconut with it and apply enough force to break it.

Use a big knife

  1. Take a big sharp knife that can do work for you.
  2. Now take the coconut and place it on a hard surface with its eyes on one side.
  3. Now start cutting it from centre and also keep on rotating coconut. Do it until the coconut opens.
  4. Don’t cut coconut by placing it on your hand because it can hurt you.

Crack open a coconut

  1. Place the coconut in microwave oven and heat it up for about ten minutes. 
  2. After that hit it with a hammer and it will break coconut easily.
  3. This method also eases the removing of outer shell of the coconut.

Hit coconut with some solid edge

  1. Place the coconut in your hand and hold it firmly.
  2. Now hit it with edge of a wall or some other solid edge. Keep on hitting until the coconut split into pieces.

Removing coconut outer shell

Outer shell of coconut can be removed with the help of knife easily and then you can eat fresh coconut meat. If you have used crack open method to break coconut then its shell easily separates from meat with hand.

Hope this tutorial on how to open a coconut helps you. You will find more helpful tutorial here on HowHut.