How to have a boy


how to have a boyIts really a complicated discussion to have your child gender according to your wish. But despite of this we answer the question of people who always ask how to have a boy. Our answer to this question is based on medical research and practical experiences of people who succeeded in having a son. Some experts contradict with these theories and methods. But still they are very effective and positive results are achieved through these. So just continue to read.

How to have a boy

1. Shettles Method to conceive a boy

Shettles method is based on the theory that the male sperms(Y chromosome) are faster than the female sperms(X chromosome) but have less strength. This theory also states that acidic environment destroys the male sperms. So according to this theory following factors should be considered.

Timing of intercourse

Timing is very important for this method. Intercourse near ovulation time raise chances of having a boy because male sperm is faster and reach early.

Intercourse positions to have a boy

Positions which allows deeper penetration are very helpful to get pregnant with a boy. Because in such positions sperm releases near to cervix which is not an acidic region and helps faster male sperms to fertilize.

Orgasm helps in conceiving a boy

The liquid produce during the orgasm make the area alkaline which helps male sperms. This raises the chances to achieve your goal.

2. Diet plan for having a boy

Healthy breakfast

Taking healthy breakfast is very obliging in conceiving a baby boy. According to research including cereals in your breakfast raise the chances to have a boy.

High calories food

Women who need a son should take high calories food enriched with calcium, potassium and vitamins. Bananas and milk are very helpful in this. Also consider meat in your meal.

Stay away from acidic food

According to theory discussed above, acidic environment is unfavourable for male sperms. So you should avoid such kind of food that are acidic in nature.

Man should take some caffeine

Before intercourse man should take some drinks which have caffeine in it like coffee or coke because it helps male sperms.

During pregnancy

Women should continue her habit of healthy breakfast and high calories intake to make her wish of having a boy true.

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