How to Decorate a Christmas Tree


One who think about celebrating Christmas, the first thing comes in his mind is Christmas tree. And then he want to know how to decorate a Christmas tree. A lot of things available now a days which people use for decorating a Christmas tree like ornaments, ribbons, LED lights, garlands. Here are step by step instructions to decorate a Christmas tree.

How to decorate a Christmas tree

  1. Selection of tree

    To decorate a Christmas tree selection of tree is very important. Because its easy to decorate a well shaped tree and it looks neat and nice. If you choose to use a natural tree then you have to be more careful in selection so that you don’t face problems while decorating it because mostly natural trees have irregular shape. If you use artificial trees then half of your problem is already solved because most of them have nice shape and they are made for this purpose solely.

  2. Decorating Christmas tree with lights

    how to decorate a christmas treeAfter selecting the tree the first step you should take is to decorate your Christmas tree with lights. The wire of lights comes in different colours and you should choose the colour which matches with your Christmas tree theme or colour so it may not become visible. Christmas tree lights are also of different types and you can use these according to your theme. Most popular Christmas lights are fairy lights and its gives a flamy look. The second type is incandescent bulbs which are round in shape and look like lightning balls on your Christmas tree. And there are also LED lights that are small colourful lights and give a different look to your tree. You can select any type of light according to your design or you can search for other type of lights. Now start decorating tree from the top to bottom because if you start from bottom then you will damage some of your bottom light decoration while hanging lights on top. And wrap lights on branches from the base to end point.

  3. Dress up Christmas tree with ribbons and garlands

    You can use any kind of garlands and ribbons to decorate your Christmas tree and it largely depends on your theme and design. Select the thickness of garlands according to the space between branches of tree to give your Christmas tree a decent look. Now start hanging garlands on tree from top to bottom and use different kinds of garlands for different layers. And then wrap garlands with ribbons.

  4. Hang ornaments on Christmas tree

    Now its time to hang ornaments on your Christmas tree. Hang ornaments on your tree with equal spacing between them. And use different sizes of ornaments large, medium and small. Hang small ornaments more in number than medium ones and more medium sized ornaments than larger ones. And you will see that your Christmas tree look pretty by using this tip. And hanging ornaments deep on branches gives a cool look to your tree.

That’s all about how to decorate a Christmas tree and for more tutorials and tips explore HowHut.