How to shrink clothes


how to shrink clothesThere are two reasons why you want to know how to shrink clothes. One is that you have unstitched garment you which you want to shrink before stitching so it didn’t become tighten when you wash it after stitching. Second reason to shrink clothes is when you buy some ready made garments and it is loose you want to shrink it.

Why and which type of clothes shrink

Fabrics especially cotton and wool shrinks. Fabric is stretched during its making process that is why it shrinks when come across to heat or washed. Wool have scales on it that are raised in same direction to each other but when you wash it, its scales loses its direction and catch each other upon drying. And you feel wool shrinks

How to shrink clothes

Shrink clothes by hand

1. Heat up the water in a pot and mix it in a tub of cold water to make the water warm

Caution: don’t use boiling hot water because it may fade color of your garment

2. Now put the clothes in tub of warm water.

3. Soak the clothes for about 5 to 10 minutes.

4. Now take your clothes out of water.

5. Now put clothes in air to dry it.

By using washer and dryer

Now a day’s people are lazy and they prefer to washer and dryer so here is method to use it for shrinking.

1. Fill the washer with warm water.

2. Put your clothes in the washer and run it for some time.

3. Now take your clothes out and put it in dryer.

4. Now dry it on medium heat.

Here you are with your shrink clothes. We tell you how to shrink clothes both by hand and by using washer and dryer. Use whichever method suits you.