Best Alternative Apps to Facetime for Android Smartphones


alternative apps to facetime for androidFacetime is an application made by apple for video calling. But it can only be used on apple products like mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod. So it means that only people have apple devices can do video chat using facetime. So here a question arises in your mind that how can i do a video chat if i have an android smartphone? Don’t worry! I will tell you about best alternative apps to facetime for android smartphones. These apps can not only be used on android devices but also on apple devices which means you can even chat with your friends having iPhone or iPod. So this means that these apps are even better than facetime and you can use it on any device.

Best Alternative Apps to Facetime for Android Smartphones

  1. Skype

    Skype is the best alternative to facetime for android in my opinion. The biggest advantage of Skype is that you can download it for free and it is also available for android, iPhone and computers. To use it you have to just download Skype on your android device and create an account for free. And now you can make a video call with your friends or family members. One thing more i want to tell you is that Skype have option to make a conference call and instant messaging too. When you use this you will also say that Skype is the best alternative app to facetime for android.

  2. Viber

    The second alternative to facetime for android i suggest you is the viber. Viber can be used to make video chat or instant messages with the people having viber installed on their devices. It is also available foe android, iPhone, windows and mac. So when you install it on your android smartphone you don’t need to register instead viber use your cellphone number as your identity.

  3. Google Hangouts

    Google Hangout is also a good alternative and you can make group calls by using it. And it can be used both on android and iPhone which enables you to video chat with every one. The only thing you need that you and your partner have a Google account. If a person is in your Google-plus circles then you can start video chat instantly with him otherwise he receive an invitation.

  4. Fring

    Fring is also a free app and a good alternative of facetime for android devices. This app is available for different platforms like android, iPhone and also for Symbian phones like Nokia. To start video calling with your buddies you just have to sign up and then your fun starts.

  5. Tango

    Tango service can also be alternative to facetime as it allows you to make video or audio calls and also text messaging options and available for android devices. To use it you have to sign up which is really a quick process and just take your two minutes. In addition to calling option tango provide you gaming option which you can use to play games with friends at the same time of calling.

These are the best alternative apps to facetime for android smartphones and you can select anyone of them which suits you.

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