How to Download and Install Whatsapp on iPad or iPod without jailbreak


Whatsapp is most popular chatting and sharing app for smartphones. But it’s not available for all apple smartphones, its only available for iPhone and not for iPad or iPod. So users of iPod or iPad wants to know how to download and install whatsapp on iPad or iPod without jailbreak. So here is step by step instructions for you to let whatsapp work on your iPad or iPod.

How to download and install whatsapp on iPad or iPod without jailbrak

Things you will need in this process

  1. An iPod or iPad in which you want to install whatsapp
  2. iTunes
  3. ifunbox
  4. A PC
  5. An iPhone which helps you in activating whatsapp

Step by step instructions to download and install whatsapp on iPad or iPod

  1. First thing you have to do is to download and install iTunes on your PC. If you already iTunes installed on your PC then move to second step.
  2. Now open iTunes media folder.Here are the paths for different operating systems.
    For Windows C:\Users\Username\My Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Mobile Applications\
    For Mac OS X 10.7 Lion ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications/
    For Mac OS X 10.6 : ~/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications/
  3. Now you have to find whatsapp file in this folder and have to copy it in any other folder of your choice. Remember that file type of whatsapp is IPA.
  4. Now its time to download ifunbox. After installing it start ifunbox application and connect your iPod or iPad with PC.
  5. Now click on ifunbox classic tab and then click on install app button and then select the whatsapp IPA file that we copied in the third step.ifunbox classic tab whatsapp
  6. Whatsapp now installed on your ipad or ipod but still it will not work. Now you need an iPhone for further steps to perform. So take an iPhone and unistall whatspp from it if it already installed and then reinstall it and activate with the cell number you are using on iPad or iPod.
  7. Now connect your iPhone to computer and go to ifunbox and copy Documents and Library folders to your PC which you find under ifunbox classic tab after going in your iPhone user applications folder and selecting whatsapp folder.copying whatsapp files from iphone
  8. Now de-attach your iPhone from PC and attach your iPod or iPad again. Now run ifunbox and again go to same ifunbox classic tab and select whatsapp folder under user applications folder. And then copy the Document and Librat files you copied in previous step in whatsapp folder. Wow you now have installed whatsapp on your iPod or iPad.copying whatsapp files to ipod

Hope you now have learned how to download and install whatsapp on iPad or iPod without jailbreak. For more useful tutorials and tips explore HowHut.

  • Muhammed

    hi look I installed whatsapp just like you said but I cannt activate it because

    I cannt affored iphone with whatsapp installed on it so I was woundering if you can give me the backup files in a soures and a’ll be thankful

    • Guest

      U should buy na iPhone then u will install Muhammad alright baby

    • Resool Selam

      dear just go to market and look for a software installation tech.or look for some one who have i phone or google it

  • David

    What about without if you don’t have an highe phone

  • Advisor Planning & Development

    i have connected iphone to pc…… but i cant find whatsapp on user applications