How to unlock android phone or tablet if you forgot the pattern

unlock android phone using android device manager

What happen forgot your pattern and want to know how to unlock android phone or tablet? Pattern lock is very important for those who have sensitive data or have personal files in their android devices. This will help you to prevent your device from unauthorized use but the trouble starts when you forget it. So […]

How to root android phone or tablet – fast and easy methods

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First question is what is rooting? When you root android phone or tablet and other android devices it means that you get administrative privileges and can edit or delete system files. And a new world of functionality and device customization is now open for you. Why should you root android phone or tablet Now we […]

How to reset android phone

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Before you know about how to reset android phone you should be aware under what circumstances reset your phone. Because it will remove all your data like pictures, movies, saved¬†contacts and all applications you installed except your android update. When to reset your android phone Usually android phones runs fast but there are things that […]

How to backup android phone

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Data is very important for me, not just for me but i think for every one. Now a days many people have their important data in their phones. Some have their memorable pictures and some have important contacts and sms . Do you want to lose them? Your answer will be “NO”. But what if […]

How and why to update android phone

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Before we tell you about how to update android phone you should know why to update it. As you know that android platform for mobiles is created by Open Handset Alliance which is created with collaboration of Google and other mobile and technology companies such as Samsung, Motorola and many others. It is open source […]

How to make a flower crown

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Flowers not only enhances the beauty of a garden but it also can enhance your beauty when you make a flower crown from these and wear it in hairs. Flower crowns could be wore¬†at different occasions such as music concerts, parties, Christmas, on valentine’s day and its perfect choice for weddings. It’s cheap to make […]

How to have a boy

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Its really a complicated discussion to have your child gender according to your wish. But despite of this we answer the question of people who always ask how to have a boy. Our answer to this question is based on medical research and practical experiences of people who succeeded in having a son. Some experts […]

How to make french toast

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French toast is very tasty breakfast especially for children who are very importuning during breakfast. Now you think how to make french toast so here is very simple method and also it will not take a lot of time to prepare and ready to eat in just ten minutes. How to make french toast Ingredients […]

How to remove acrylic nails


Acrylic nails are artificial nails that can be applied over nails or used as extension. Some people use it for styling and some uses it for lengthening their nails. There is no doubt that they enhances your’s hand beauty but irritating time comes when you think about removing acrylic nails because after two or three […]

How to remove gel nail polish

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Mostly women uses gel nail polish due to its advantages like it lasts longer than the simple nail polish and let you to get rid of applying nail polish daily. It has other advantages like you can make any design you want and also it dries quickly. But the problem starts when it comes to […]