How to appear offline or invisible to specific persons on Skype

How to appear offline or invisible to specific persons on Skype

Do you want to appear offline or invisible to specific persons on Skype? Skype is not providing this feature right now. But you may feel need of this if you want to get rid of some friends who disturb you a lot when you are doing some important work. Or if you are a businessman […]

How to Control or Deal with Anxiety

how to control or deal with anxiety

Everyone face anxiety often in their daily life in some form. It normally happens due to nervousness or when you are worried about something or have fear of some kind. Anxiety can affect your normal behaviour. Every person have their own physical symptoms during anxiety like heart rate increase, headache, tremor, sweating and many others […]

How to Make iPhone, iPod or iPad Battery Last Longer – 7 Useful Tips

make iphone ipod or ipad battery last longer

It’s really an entertainment when you are using iPhone, iPod or iPad because a lot of applications available in it like Facebook, Twitter and many others. But it’s really frustrating when your battery goes down in matter of hours. Some people ask about solution for this and even some ask that should I stop using […]

How to Close Apps on iPhone, iPod or iPad running iOS7, iOS6 or earlier versions

close iphone apps on iOS7

Closing unused apps in iPhone, iPod or iPad is important because these unused applications running on background drains your battery power. People usually start an app and then don’t close it and then complaint why there battery goes down earlier. Or you may feel need to close an app when it has stop responding or […]

How to Reset or Restart an iPhone – Step by Step Guide

reset iPhone

As all of you know that iPhone is just like a mini computer. A lot of applications and processes are running on it. If you install a lot of applications or run many applications simultaneously then there are chances that your iPhone may become unresponsive or freeze. This happens because a lot of processes are […]

How to unlock a cell phone, mobile or smartphone

How to unlock a cell phone, mobile or smartphone

If you got a mobile or cell phone with purchasing a network connection from a mobile company. Then most probably your phone is locked and you can’t use this mobile with other mobile company SIM card or connection. Or if you travel out of country and want to use their cell phone service still you […]

How to Control Anger – Tips and Techniques

How to Control Anger

Anger is an emotional behaviour that is commonly found both in human beings and animals. Anger is caused in reaction of some events or feelings like when someone says harsh words to you or when you feel lonely or sad. There are many other reasons of it like depression, frustration, hunger, financial or family problems, […]

How to open and extract RAR files

opening and extracting winrar

You often came across RAR and ZIP files, if you use computer. These are compressed files and they are extensively used after the invent of internet. Because these are small in size or you can convert large files into chunks using RAR. So this way it eases the sending of files over internet. So if […]

How to open a coconut

how to open a coconut

Have you bought a coconut and want to open it? No problem we will tell you how to open a coconut. Many people buy the full coconut to drink its fresh juice and also its fresh meat is very tasty. Here i tell you different ways with step by step instructions to open a coconut. […]

How to zest a lemon

how to zest a lemon

Zesting a lemon is not as difficult as you think. You can zest a lemon yourself easily. It can be used as flavour in many dishes or decorating your drinks. It is also beneficial for your health as it is vitamin rich and reduces cholesterol level. Now here is how to zest a lemon. Methods […]